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1 Ans How to use headphones without damaging the ear?

Asked by Tajrimun Elisha (2 Golds) Sunday, 26 May 2019, 12:37 PM at (Lifestyle Health)

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How to use headphones without damaging the ear

The use of headphones that is harmful is not unknown to any of us. Doctors said that keeping the airphone in the ears for a long time could reduce the hearing. Follow these rules to use headphones to avoid this problem-

Do not use earphones or headphones more than 30 minutes continuously. To watch a movie on mobile, please take a break of 30 to 40 minutes after a minute. This time you get your ears rest.

Use the same brand's earphone as the brand of mobile you are using. Every mobile phone manufacturer makes specific yappones for their specific mobile phone. Yerpone waves, power, etc. are determined based on the rays of the phone, the vibrations of sound waves, etc. If the earphone is bad, then use only the right earphones to purchase the specific model.

Never listen to the maximum volume in earphones or earphones. It damaged the ear screen. This sound enters the ear through the earphones. So it is important to be especially aware about this. On each phone, the audible dimension is indicated in the headphone volume. If you can, follow the instructions.

Answered by AL MaMun (4 Golds) Sunday, 26 May 2019, 12:38 PM

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