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1 Ans Accommodation fair is in your home

Asked by Tajrimun Elisha (2 Golds) Sunday, 15 Sep 2019, 05:51 PM at (Consultancy Business)

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Mobile phone and Internet users are increasing in the country. At the same time, online shopping is becoming more and more popular. Online books, electronic products, clothing, car sales have begun. At the same time the sale of houses or flats online has started. So why not buy a flat, house or land by checking online?

Buying a flat or home is a big investment. Before you buy a flat or house, the fact that you have the tools and the internet in your hand makes it easy to make the decision. From the online, it is easy to make the convenience of a flat or home a 'Berger - Prothom-alo online accommodation fair'.

New contextual fair

Wondering, how is this fair again? And where is the fair? It's fair to go to the fair! Nothing to worry about This special digital fair has organized the first light. You don't have to go anywhere to see this fair. The first light on a smartphone or computer should go to the website. There you will find a large assortment of land, houses and flats. From there you can choose your preferred house, flat, land. From there you can find the necessary information. You can check the price. You can see the details of the room. You can also talk to the seller.

The online accommodation fair began on January 25. The top five housing associations from seven regions of the country participated in the fair titled 'Find a home from home'. Various housing projects are held at Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Barisal, Comilla and Bogra. There are 4,000 flats in different places, 5 lakh katha land, 5 lakh sq ft commercial space for sale. The fair will run until the 5th of January.

How to go to the fair

Surprisingly, the accommodation is fair - and virtual! What will you see at the fair? Once you think about how much trouble you are solving in one click at home. The flat house of choice you can easily buy from a reliable source. For this, you can enter the website of the first light online ( and click on the yellow-red 'Accommodation Fair' section or go directly to the address (

There are menus at the fair site called stalls, flats, land, commercial buildings and search. The logo of the accommodation fair at the bottom of the menu on the home page. Just below this is the special search facility. Here you can find houses and places depending on your area, price or size. This will make it easier for you to find information. Below you will find logos and mail-related information of the associates of the fair. Below it all the stalls of the fair. In these stalls, you can see the information of the houses, places or houses of different organizations like the fairs. Here is the area-wise information of different organizations.

At the bottom of the home page is an option called 'Home News Home News'. From here you can read all the news about the housing sector, news of the housing sector, interviews and first light news.

What is in this fair?

From the site's menu options, there is also the opportunity to know the details of the flat, information, pictures and dimensions of the flats based on the area. You can also get the advantage of finding a specific home from here. There is a special chat box on the left side of the site. From here you can find out all the information you need by chatting directly. From 8am to 5pm, you can get live information by chatting directly from here. With this arrangement, interested buyers can see the details of the projects. Interested buyers can contact the companies online if desired.

The fair was inaugurated on January 25 at Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel in the capital. Hasanuzzaman, head of the project, Prowlings and Dacor, the sponsor of the fair at the fair, said the virtual housing fair is a new concept. The Prothom-alo always brings forth new ideas. His expectation, in the days ahead, is the housing sector and those associated with it

There will be a new platform for them.

Mella's strategic partner is the Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB), a housing business organization. Vice-President of the organization, Liaquat Ali Bhuiyan, said that the first light was a new concept, thanks to the new idea. Twenty-two industries are directly and indirectly involved with the country's housing sector. So if the housing sector is good, then these sectors will also be good. This virtual fair will also play a major role in the rehab accommodation being held in the first week of February.

In addition to the Berger-First Light Housing Fair, Rancon Real Estate Division, Concord Group, Orion Gas, Mellio's Deco, IDLC and Marine Group have also been involved. Broadcasting Citizens TV and ABC Radio.

There are also discounts

There will be fair and there is no discount, what happens? Housing traders have also appeared at the fair with various discounts and offers. You can find out about the discount offer with the house of your choice at the fair. You can also do a virtual tour by talking to a flat seller. Wondering where to get a loan or loan? There is also information on the fair. Loan calculator is in place. In addition, you will also get loan information at the fair.

Answered by Tajrimun Elisha (2 Golds) Sunday, 15 Sep 2019, 05:52 PM

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