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1 Ans The things to think before marriage

Asked by AL MaMun (4 Golds) Sunday, 26 May 2019, 08:48 AM at (Lifestyle Daily Routine)

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Marriage is the most important decision in human life. The bond of life with a human being. So this important task should be considered several times before Sarah. Know what to think before marriage proposal and keep in mind what matters in relation.

Peaceful relations: There is peace about the couple or there is often doubt? If you have doubts then definitely think before marriage proposal. Many times, it seems that marriage will be overcome. But in reality it is exactly the opposite. In such a situation, the foundation of marriage is never strong. If you feel secure about each other, you can offer an eye for marriage.

Talk about marriage: Do you discuss marriage? Think about the future plan. If not, think before you offer marriage to each other. If you plan to go ahead with the relationship, thinking about future life will come easily.

Strong Relations: What was your relationship stable with? Or is it through breakup-reunion? If that happens, then this trend will continue even after marriage. Stability is the most important one before marriage.

Previous relationship: both of you have come out completely from the previous relationship? Although we have many new relationships in life, we can not get out of broken relationships earlier. The need to get out of broken relationships to strengthen the foundation of marriage. If still the last relationship has stirred you or your partner, then wait. The time has not yet come to offer marriage.

Responsibility: Marriage means new responsibility. As a childhood, school life, and college life, we are used to being in the mother's eyebrows. Many people can not get out of this situation or do not want to have problems in married life. So think twice before offering marriage. Discuss that you are ready to take responsibility for yourself and to each other.

Financial security: Among the responsibilities that are involved in marriage are the biggest financial obligations. Before marriage, many do not have the costs, they do not have any financial security. As a result, financial stability is not the same. Before marriage, it is necessary to have awareness and planning about financial situation. So, discuss each other's financial situation. Speak openly about how much financial responsibility is ready to take. Then decide on marriage.

Answered by AL MaMun (4 Golds) Sunday, 26 May 2019, 08:49 AM

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