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1 Ans What is the basic interest of the AskUnion founder AL MaMun brother?

Asked by Birds of the sky (1 Gold) Thursday, 07 Nov 2019, 07:20 AM at (Consultancy Freelancing)

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I have written an article showing my basic interest. I just pasted that here. 

Dear Sir,

Learning new things is always exciting. So I always emphasize learning than earning and prefer to do developing or building systems as my hobby only. I noticed your eagerness about me. So, I am writing this article showing you what I love to do.

I wish to develop your project just as my hobby. If you like, I know, you will reward me. Now, what types of system developing is liked by me. Firstly I want to show my beloved languages name here.

1.      My Academic programming languages are C, C++, PHP and JavaScript. I love to work with these languages. I also have huge interest on HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Ajax etc too. I always love to work with these languages.

2.      I have learnt database management system. I love to work using MySQL. I have knowledge for integrating php, mysql and other scripting languages.

3.      I develop websites/system using Netbeans IDE, XAMPP Server, localhost (for initial developing), MySQL relational database management system. I have knowledge about SQL optimization and SQL injection (for security). I love to write free hand coding.

Just you can enjoy a visit to view the some of the systems that I have completely build own self by the above interested languages.

1. : A question – answer forum website (My University academic project)

2. . A complete online job examination and result management system.

I usually do not like to work with third parties content management platform like as Wordpress etc. Because, I believe that a system should not be developed with third parties CMS platform so that it can be modified, updated, increased features very easily. Thanks a lot.


AL MaMun


Phone: +8801724393534


Answered by AL MaMun (4 Golds) Thursday, 07 Nov 2019, 07:22 AM

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