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1 Ans Open letter of Google employees for climate protection

Asked by AL MaMun (4 Golds) Friday, 08 Nov 2019, 05:07 AM at (News Environment)

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Open letter of Google employees on climate protection

Google employees speak to their customers as well as to protect the environment and climate. But as an organization, Google is campaigning against climate protection. There have also been allegations that a group of think tanks poured money into a campaign to propagate climate change fiction. Google employees could not agree. They wrote an open letter to Google not expecting such behavior. The letter called on Google authorities to take appropriate measures to protect the climate.

The open letter, written by Google chief financial officer Ruth Porat, raised concerns about Google's position on climate change. The letter has been signed by Google's 4,000 employees. The letter highlights the importance and urgent measures to tackle global climate risk, as well as the dangers of marginalized populations.

The letter states, "As a Google employee, we consider the customer to be my main concern. Google should do the same. As a global Internet company, Google has to recognize that many people are now carrying the burden of climate change.

In the letter, the staff set a 'four zero' goal for Google to move forward. These include zeroing in on carbon emissions, zero deals with biofuel collection organizations, think tanks denying climate change, non-signing deals or funding with politicians and lobbyists, prisoners of climate disaster refugees, transfers, surveillance, Cooperation with refugee or community oppressor organizations Bring it down

A similar letter written by Amazon employees is mentioned in a letter written by Google employees. The letter also shows the plight of people suffering from climate change. The letter cited the severe climate catastrophe as India and Mozambique floods, refugees of coastal peoples of Asia, disappearance of Africa's wells, and the burning of North America.

Earlier in the day, Google employees followed a pause to break the deal with the Pentagon. Google's one-time slogan was 'Don't Be Evil'. Many of the employees of the organization hold this mantra in mind. Many are not in favor of inventing technology or services that can be used for lethal purposes. The US Department of Defense's headquarters were unhappy with a Pentagon project. Their fears are that the technology that the Pentagon is using to develop artificial intelligence can be deadly. They do not want to be involved in this project. In the face of the dissatisfaction of the staff, Google technology company Google has to decide not to renew the contract with the Pentagon.

Answered by AL MaMun (4 Golds) Friday, 08 Nov 2019, 05:08 AM

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