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1 Ans Spring has come with the hand of love

Asked by Birds of the sky (1 Gold) one week ago at (Lifestyle Daily Routine)

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Spring has come with the hand of love

Saint l Spring has come with the hands of love. The sky is filling the fog with golden sun as the fog clears. The warmth of life is stirring in the dead nature of winter. Shimul-Palash-Ashok's branch is filled with red flowers. The swollen branches are swirling in the breeze. The new teenager's crib is in abundance. As if the old world has become new. With the song of Rabindranath, the famous ritual of Vasantabaran - 'The spring of honey has come to sweeten the honey, / to sweet honey to sweet honey.'

Today is February 14, World Love Day, Valentine's Day. "Valentine's Day" or "World Love Day" has emerged from the pages of history to keep the affirmation of love alive forever. This day of love has been celebrated in Western countries long ago. This is Valentine's Day or love day 27 years ago in Bangladesh.

I am anxious to speak of the heart 'in the thought that the words of the human beings, the words of their mind will be blown out on love day today. Countless poems about love, songs will come back in the mouth. At the same time, many will sit in the hands of the beloved or sitting beside the dream of a beautiful future. However, today's love is not just for lovers and lovers. This day of love is universal. Today is the day for parents, spouses, siblings, dear children, friends to express the multidimensional manifestation of love to people. Today, the message itself will be communicated in a cellphone, e-mail or facebook. Gifts will be given to loved ones.

Answered by Birds of the sky (1 Gold) one week ago

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