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1 Ans Amplify the idea - Prevention is better than cure

Asked by Birds of the sky (1 Gold) Sunday, 30 Aug 2020, 01:15 PM at (News Editorial)

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Amplify The Idea =>" Prevention Is Better Than Cure ".


It is unobtrusive  to terminate  a disease by following a healthy regimen of life than to contract it, and then seek remedies.

This maxim  “Prevention is better than cure” advises us to be vigilant  and canny  to detect and smash  the cause of a trouble before it overtakes us and gets aggravated. This saying is all about foresight. It emboldens us to act straight away to resolve issues rather than allowing them to build up.This adage , on the face of it, applies to physical health.

It is inexpressibly auspicious  to consult a doctor when we are sick, but it would be still better not to fall sick at all by taking precautionary and preventive measures, well in advance. If we are a little chary at the time of change of season, we may not fall sick. But if we are phlegmatic or nonchalant , the illness may attack us and its cure may prove costly or, perhaps even impossible.

Curing or resolving a problem at a later stage involves much time, cost, and attention. Thus, it is a good idea to make arrangements to prevent a problem in the first phase

to avoid difficulties to live a placid life. 

Human life is beset with numerous difficulties, and therefore, every thoughtful man should strive to avoid them as much as possible and live an undisturbed  life. There are difficulties and troubles for which there is no help. On the other hand, prevention is cheaper than cure. Besides saving time and money, it spares a man of many anxious thoughts.

 Man is distinguished from the lower animals by his power of reasoning. He has the power of foresight, and can use it for his own benefit. Without foresight the principle that prevention is better than cure cannot be properly and beneficially followed. Hence, we should calculate the difficulty and adopt some means to avoid it. Man is not strong enough; and, even, if he were, it would be foolishness to invite difficulties, and, then try to overcome them. Instead of awaiting and facing the troubles, it is better to be on the safe side.

Life is short, and, if a considerable part of it is taken up in inviting troubles and then curing them, how will man manage to live a life worth the name? Every effort should be made to prevent troubles and difficulties, and it must be applied to every respect of life. If the principle of “prevention is better than cure” is strictly and faithfully followed, much physical and mental suffering can be avoided, and a considerable amount of expense need not be incurred.

To Sum Up , we can state that the truth contained in this largely - followed conspicuous maxim  holds well in any sphere of life. Neglecting our studies throughout the year and then studying with a nervous heart when exams are around the corner indicates the undisputed  truth in this proverb.

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Answered by Birds of the sky (1 Gold) Sunday, 30 Aug 2020, 01:16 PM

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