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2 Ans Use of ICT in Banking sector in Bangladesh - Focus writing

Asked by AL MaMun (4 Golds) one week ago at (Jobs Job Preparation)

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Use of ICT in Banking sector in Bangladesh

Information and communication technology (ICT) has become heart of the banking sector in Bangladesh nowadays. The banking industry is the heart of every robust economy. ICT is helping the banking sector to improve its efficiency and effectiveness of services offered to customers and enhance business process, managerial decision making and groupwork collaboration which strengthen their competitive positions in rapidly changing and emerging economies.
ICT based banking services and use of ICT in banking sector in Bangladesh are as follows - Online Banking, Tele Banking, SMS Banking, Mobile Banking, Alert Banking, Online L/C, ATM, Debit Card, Credit Card, MICR, IVR, Kiosk Banking, Point of Sale Terminal (POST), SWIFT, Bangladesh Electronic Fund Transfer Network (BEFTN), Bangladesh Automated Clearing House (BACH), Online CIB, Core Banking Solution (CBS) and so on.
Recent reports say that the no. of average transactions through traditional banking system are 170 crore where no. of average transactions through ICT based banking system are 200 crore. Those reports also say that efficiency of bankers have increased more than two times during last fifteen years. Another report by BIBM, says that investment of one taka in ICT sector increased the productivity by tk.136 in banking industry.
At present no. of internet users in Bangladesh are about nine crore. So, if banks can prevent fraudulent and increase awareness among employees and customers, ICT or financial technology can brings huge potentially in banking industry.

Answered by AL MaMun (4 Golds) one week ago

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Answered by AL MaMun (4 Golds) one week ago

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