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1 Ans What to do if you do not sleep?

Asked by Birds of the sky (2 Golds) Monday, 16 Dec 2019, 12:08 PM at (Lifestyle Daily Routine)

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What to do if you do not sleep?

Insomnia or insomnia is the problem when there is no sleep in the night or in the middle of the night, and no sleep. Not sleeping is not a disease, but if not sleep can lead to various diseases. But what do you do when there is no good sleep day after day or week?

Of course, we are responsible for not sleeping. Lack of sleep causes various problems in the body. Fresh sleep is good all day long.

Harvard University study in the United States suggests that a healthy person should sleep for 3 to 4 hours. Otherwise, blood pressure may rise in the brain. And this could result in a great deal of damage.

Whatever you do for a good sleep

First decide if you want to sleep. Put alarms on the mobile phone if needed so that this alarm will wake you up as well as tell you when to go to sleep.

The amount of time it takes to get to sleep in an impregnated bed is three times that of sleeping in a clean bed. Before you go to bed, wash your hands well. You can take a bath if you want. It will relieve fatigue and freshen up. Start counting down to 5. Thus, keep multiplying until you get sleep.

Do sports and walk a lot. Work hard If you can, make it a practice to run in the afternoon. Do a variety of physical exercises. Go to the gym if needed. If you work hard all day, you will get sleep at night.

Don't even think about using Facebook before going to bed. Besides, the blue light on the mobile display will play your sleep at twelve. This will make the brain more active rather than tired. Which will ruin the whole sleep process. No facebook, no chatting at bedtime. Everything else is excluded.

Avoid tea, coffee or any type of beverage that stimulates nerves after evening.

Many people spend time with mobile or computer if they do not get sleep. Melatonin hormone regulates sleep apnea. Whose emission is interrupted by the presence of light. Many work in bed. He talks on the phone, plays phone games, watches movies, reads books while lying down. Many again sit down with office work. If there is insomnia, stop doing it today.

Take care of your daily habits. Some of your habits can exacerbate this insomnia problem. Read a book or listen to soft music.

Need for a good sleep environment. So make sure your house is quiet, dark and comfortable. And no matter how much you sleep in the night, no matter how long you sleep, night's sleep will never be the same. Those who are taking sleep medications are putting themselves in danger if they do not sleep. The symptoms of many diseases are problems with sleep.

When you are asleep, every part of your body functions, even the neurons and blood and hormones in your brain complete their activity. Always try to wake up and drink a glass of cold water. It will fit your body naturally.

Answered by Birds of the sky (2 Golds) Monday, 16 Dec 2019, 12:09 PM

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