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1 Ans Some use of solar power - describe

Asked by Tajrimun Elisha (2 Golds) Monday, 02 Sep 2019, 12:35 PM at (Technology Products)

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In the case of conventional ground-based fossil fuel, as demand levels rise, skyrocketing prices may rise, on the other hand, where is the energy needed to meet? But the life of ordinary people does not go without energy. On the one hand, electric power is needed to operate a variety of modern household appliances; On the other hand, a lot of energy is needed in industrial agriculture and other fields. To reduce this huge energy shortage, our government has been importing large quantities of petroleum, but will this continue? Especially when there is no shortage of sunshine in this hot country. In a sunny country like ours, it is very important to research solar energy and use our energy properly so that the masses can. In this report, we are doing all we can to support ourselves at home.

First, let's talk about how electricity can be provided with solar power in places where there is a shortage of public electricity. In most cases, a large size battery is charged (or charged) with solar power generated from the solar panel. But because the battery is DC, it is not suitable for our household 220 Volts AC power driven device. It needs to get an inverter, which can convert 12 volts DC power to 220 volts AC. But it is cost-effective, especially for families with less financial ability. It is important to note that 220 volts AC is not completely safe, especially in our country. There was news of the accident on a 220 volts AC from somewhere on the Rose.

Large, impressive, 4 × 3 square meter house can be easily illuminated with the wreath of Warm White LED used in illumination in China, almost like a 40 - 60 Watt bulb!

Meanwhile, 12 volts of 50 Watt (or less powerful) solar panel is unlikely to have any accidents due to its direct electricity. For all these reasons, there may be another option that can be taken. In this option, the 12 volts DC power available from the solar panel can be directly charged with the small 12 volts, 7 - 9 Ampere Hour, Lead-Acid batteries, and the 12 volts DC Light Emitting Diode or LED can be lit with those charged batteries. We have tested that a large, impressive, 4 × 3 square meter house can be easily illuminated with the Warm White LED beads available in China for illumination, almost like a 40 - 60 Watt bulb! We are putting a picture of such an illuminated room later, to give an idea. If the batteries are properly charged, which is easily possible in strong sunshine for 4 - 5 hours, this type of light burns for about 5-6 hours at night with a strong force, then gradually diminishes, reducing the battery charge as well. In terms of cost, the most expensive one is the solar panel. A 12 volts 50 Watt panel costs 2,500 - 3,000 rupees, similar to the price of good Lead Acid batteries, the price of LED wreath in China is very high - 400 - 500. According to our estimate, after the initial cost of about a thousand rupees, the lighting in the free house is arranged, which is only for a couple of years. Is this system not enough to turn a blind eye to any house in our country?

Heating the water: cheaply

We also did some tests on the DC heater element. Insert a black colored metal reservoir, two of them, which are fitted with a battery pack of 24 volt (can be 12 volt, 9 Amp / hr batteries). The battery pack can be pre-charged with solar power. Even if the reservoir is 2 liters in size, it should not take more than 20-30 minutes to warm the water to 50 - 60 degrees Celsius in winter. Wherever there is a shortage of electricity, it is expected that this cheap water heating device will be of special use. Often when hot water is needed in primary care centers, but it is not possible due to lack of electricity, this device can be very useful there. One more thing to keep in mind - there is no danger of any current or shock in using this device, which is enough on a 220 volt device.

Solar power storage and use of vehicles with supercapacitors

Solar power is usually stored on the battery, charging it. But even with rechargeable batteries, it can't be recharged very often, and it takes a long time to charge. The main reason for this is that the electrochemical method of the battery is stored by the external electrical current through the electrochemical system. This method is time-consuming, and often recharges the battery when it runs out, but the battery gradually weakens.

Not only that, once the battery is weak, it cannot be dropped anywhere, because the chemicals contained in the batteries are poisonous, and can cause harm to humans when food enters the water.

Answered by Tajrimun Elisha (2 Golds) Monday, 02 Sep 2019, 12:36 PM

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