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1 Ans Why use candles instead of sun?

Asked by Tajrimun Elisha (2 Golds) Monday, 02 Sep 2019, 10:37 PM at (Technology Products)

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There is no shortage of sunshine most of the year in this hot country. That is why researching solar power and how people can use that power is crucial. In this business, we have been able to do some things to our full potential at home.

Number one, light in the room. Where there is a shortage of government power, lighting can be arranged with the help of solar power. In most cases, a large battery is charged with the electricity generated from the solar panel. But there are problems with the use of ordinary housework. One option is to directly charge a small 12 volt, 3 to 5 ampere-hours, LED-assisted battery with 12 volts DC power available from the solar panel and can burn a 12 volt DC LED. We have tested that, with the garment used in illumination in China, the wax white LED beads are available in the market, with light like a 1 to 5 watt bulb, can be easily found. If the battery is properly infused for four to five hours in severe sunlight, the light shines very well for about five to six hours at night, then gradually decreases the brightness. Cost? A 12 volt, 5 watt solar panel will cost two and a half to three thousand rupees. The price of a good LED acid battery is the same. If the LED bead is too high in China, four to five hundred. If you spend a few thousand rupees first, lighting can be arranged at no cost. How long does that system last? It's been almost two years.

Two, hot water. We also did some tests on the DC Heater Element. A black colored metal reservoir, with two inserts in the center, fitted with a 20-volt battery pack. The battery pack can be charged in advance with solar power. Even if the reservoir is two liters in volume, it should not take more than thirty minutes to warm the water to fifty-sixty degrees Celsius in winter. Primary health centers often require hot water, but in many cases there is no electricity, so this system can be very useful. One more thing. There is no possibility of shock on this device like a 220 volt machine.

Three, vehicles. Generally, solar power is stored by charging the battery. But can not be recharged too often, it takes a lot of time. Again, after the work is done, the battery cannot be dropped where the pollution is due. For all these reasons, the Super Capacitor is built with a larger capacity than the ordinary capacitor. They are made of nanotechnology, not made of chemicals, but of ordinary carbon. Its technology is not one that can be made in this country, but it still needs to be imported from countries like America, Germany or China. This super capacitor has many applications. Many people think that with the advent of these, battery usage may be completely stopped in the future. One in the middle of the application is the use of vehicles.

We have built a prototype of a tram, train, bike rickshaw and ferry boat using the Super Capacitor as a storage base for solar power. All are toy sizes, but there is no barrier to making full sizes using the same method. First it will cost, after that many days will be free.

Rickshaw drivers are not limited to hardship most of the year. If we use our model, that problem will be greatly reduced. Now, a battery-powered rickshaw in the suburbs called 'To-To' is going well. But the price is high, most of it is Chinese, so bad if difficult. As an alternative, we can create a solar powered rickshaw that can be made in the country and, if worse, removed. To keep costs down, a battery charged with solar power can be seen instead of a super capacitor. Strong 5 volt batteries like tor-tor can be run with 12 or 20 volts instead. And, there are so many new labs in the country, why not make a full test of these vehicles by creating supercapacitors? The amount of energy that comes from the sun to the earth every day, is far greater than the energy we spend on all countries together. Plants and other animals survive long periods of time by collecting energy from the sun. But we have become accustomed to the use of fuels that are not readily available, or extremely expensive and dangerous. The utility of solar power is clear to everyone today. Now, research is needed, so that energy can be easily accessed by ordinary people. When we think that the cost of nuclear energy research in our country, not even one percent of it for solar power, is no surprise. 'Brand India' is such a buzzword, but I am so far behind in the study of solar power and alternative energy that I could not make any PANEL equivalent to a cheap solar panel in another country. In order to prevent business losses, solar panel vendors in the country are bargaining with the government to levy taxes on foreign-made panels.

It is difficult to understand why in a country where there is so much sun, one of the poorer schoolchildren needs to read in the light of wax or kerosene.

Answered by Tajrimun Elisha (2 Golds) Monday, 02 Sep 2019, 10:38 PM

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