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1 Ans Uber's insurance benefits for passengers and drivers

Asked by Birds of the sky (2 Golds) Saturday, 02 Nov 2019, 06:47 AM at (Technology Products)

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Uber's insurance benefits for passengers and drivers

The ride-sharing company Uber is offering insurance for both passengers and drivers. The victims will get maximum financial support of up to Tk 5 lakh if ​​they are injured in the road accident. Drivers and passengers can complain of any problem in the Uber App Help category. Uber authorities will take appropriate action on the complaint as soon as possible.

Uber authorities said this during a meeting with media personnel at Hotel Westin in Dhaka on Thursday. The meeting was organized to inform the public about Uber's various security services on the road. The meeting was informed about the use of technology in security assurance, before the start of the journey, during the journey and after the end of the journey.

Pawan Vice, head of South Asia's central management division at Uber, said it was important for them to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. They have been working to raise awareness among consumers about Uber's various security services.

The meeting said law enforcement agencies can be contacted via Uber's emergency button in the event of an emergency. In the event of an accident, Uber will report the app through the app to their authorities and their designated representative will contact the confirmed passenger or driver and take necessary action.

Answered by Birds of the sky (2 Golds) Saturday, 02 Nov 2019, 06:48 AM

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