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1 Ans How to make a call using any number by Caller ID spoofing?

Asked by AL MaMun (4 Golds) Monday, 02 Dec 2019, 10:29 AM at (Technology Internet)

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When you call or send an SMS, your number is also sent. Have you ever wished, you would call but your number would not be sent? - Well, Caller ID spoofing can help you with this. Your number won't get a scammer, hackers won't be able to hijack your SIM, or marketers won't be able to send annoying SMS! But the question is how does the Caller ID spoofing technique work? Is it legal or illegal? How Can Caller ID Avoid Spoofing? How do you do caller ID spoofing? Everything is in this article!

In a word, spoofing the Caller ID is the technology that will be used if your original Caller ID is hidden and the Fake Caller ID will be displayed. If you call someone, surely your number will show up on his mobile screen, right? But spoofing the caller ID will show your number instead of your number. Now you can use any number, your real number will show on your mobile instead of your set number.

Caller ID spoofing can be done especially for privacy protection. If your number goes to the wrong person, it may try to deceive or annoy you in various ways. For example, many girls get annoyed by repeatedly calling people to get their numbers. If you use a different number by hiding the caller ID, no one will know or disturb your real number.

But in the same way, scammers or hackers can trick you by spoofing caller ID. Suppose your bank's helpline number is 122, scammers can easily spoof this number and give you a call, your phone will show up.

However, looking at the scamming calls is not the same as your bank number, but your bank number. For example, many people come from development scamming calls, but when scammers call from +129, a + sign is added before the number. Such a number is called Neuber spoofing! That means the number is around the real number and may look similar at a glance.

How does call spoofing work?

Caller ID spoofing can be done using many techniques, most of which are caller ID spoofing using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. The technology is used to send calls from the Internet to cellphone towers, and the caller is given the option of choosing the desired number as the caller ID.

First you get VoIP service, install them on your app phone or get a dashboard from the website!

This allows you to choose the number you want to display as the caller ID. However, named providers only allow you to spoof your own number, you will not be able to spoof any number.

Then type the number you call, and send!

Your spoofing number will be displayed on the other side of the screen!

Details at thanks a lot. 

Answered by AL MaMun (4 Golds) Monday, 02 Dec 2019, 10:33 AM

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