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1 Ans What do you think is the best site for earning money on the Internet?

Asked by Birds of the sky (2 Golds) Thursday, 30 Jan 2020, 09:29 AM at (Technology Internet)

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I do not know the best site to earn money on the Internet, but I know the names of some of the best sites to find work on the internet, including Upwork, Freelancer.com, Fever, SEO Clark, People Per Hour, 3 Designs.com.

I can give you some light ideas about upwork. Upwork is a market place. Jobs can be found here, jobs can be provided.

As many are familiar with BD Jobs. Where many jobs are available in Bangladesh. Companies post many jobs. Upwork is like that. But its quality is much better - international. And many big companies around the world and post jobs here.

You must have the skills - and the international standards - that you can do very well. Because large companies from all over the world post jobs and in one way bid or apply for international quality contractor work.

And then the most important of these will be English proficiency - at least by writing so that you can express your mind and understand what has been written by seeing the post. If there is something wrong with grammar, there is no problem but it is better. And if it is good then there is nothing.

There is no shortage of internet resources now. When I started in the 21st, there were countless books on resources and articles on certain sites. Now, you will find content designed to be useful in any task within a month or so on YouTube. It may take a little longer to develop a good skill, it will be a bit costly - but the result will be far-reaching.

Answered by Birds of the sky (2 Golds) Thursday, 30 Jan 2020, 09:29 AM

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