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1 Ans Successful Fast-Track Total Knee Replacement Done At A Telangana Hospital

Asked by GoMedii (New member) Monday, 21 Dec 2020, 02:21 PM at (Lifestyle Health)

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With India being chosen as medical tourism by so many international patients. India is recognized worldwide for its excellence in the medical sector. Medical Tourism in India has boosted significantly in past years and has also attained remarkable results.

Offering quality healthcare at a reasonable cost, India’s medical tourism sector is growing at a fast pace. Innumerable people from diverse and remote corners of the world have benefited from the medical services provided in India. Interestingly, the count is still on.

Surgeons at the Apollo Health City, Jubilee Hills have conducted a fast-track total knee replacement surgery on a 65-year-old woman. The fast-track total knee replacement procedure does not require a hospital stay and have minimal after-effects of anesthesia, pain, trauma, and infection.

Patients undergoing such procedures recover quickly and are able to get back to normal life in a couple of days. The surgery was conducted on November 2 by a team of surgeons and physicians, led by a senior orthopedic surgeon. The woman was discharged on the same evening after undergoing the surgery in the early hours of the day.

Answered by GoMedii (New answerer) Monday, 21 Dec 2020, 02:28 PM

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