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1 Ans Why should we mock the fake preachers? Criticism about Coronavirus

Asked by Birds of the sky (1 Gold) Monday, 06 Apr 2020, 09:20 AM at (Lifestyle Health)

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 Why should we mock the fake preachers? Why should you publicly laugh at their lies and insult them in such trying times? Arn't we better off just avoiding their presence and live our life? 

Well, no. Here are my reasons:

1. These fake preachers are NOT as powerless as you think. In most cases, even the powerful elites of the society cannot touch them in fear of heavy retaliation from their followers. In Bangladesh, imagine a politician trying to stop people from going to Mosque for social distancing and then taking part in election. My money will be for the lamppost running against him.

2. In most cases Scientists are too busy with their research and advancement of knowledge. Many of them, like you and me, just completely ignore these people because their claims are too absurd to oppose. Did any Archaeologist in Bangladesh seriously question the Enter-Kotik hujur? Was there any legal consequence for that false  "1Q.7+6=13" formula? No, because these people are way more powerful than you ever thought. So, these fake preachers will continue lying and misleading people which might lead to death. Remember the Nizamuddin case in India? Google it!

In my humble opinion, people who preach self-concocted lies in the time of such pandemic in the name of religion should be in Jail. The question is, can I put them in jail? Can you? Can anyone?

Probably not. 

So, I will mock them. I will laugh at their lies. I will make fun of their shameful acts. I will call out and say to their faces that they are liars.

I repeat, I am NOT insulting anyone's faith, neither am I making a Science-VS-Religion war imminent. All I am doing is hysterically laughing at some of their এন্টার-কটিক claims.

Does that hurt you?

Go duck yourself.

Written By-

Mashroof Hossain

ASP, BD police.


Answered by Birds of the sky (1 Gold) Monday, 06 Apr 2020, 09:22 AM

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