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1 Ans Write a letter to YOUR friend describing the experiences of lockdown period

Asked by Birds of the sky (1 Gold) Friday, 16 Oct 2020, 03:10 PM at (Lifestyle Health)

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Write a letter to your friend describing your experience during the lockdown period. 

Dear Asik 

Hope you are spending quality time with your family. Your letter reached me yesterday. In your letter you have wanted to know about my experience during the lockdown period. Starting in early 2020, governments around the world ordered lockdowns, closures of schools and colleges and other social distancing rules to slow the spread of Covid-19. You know that in our country the lockdown started from the mid-March. Now the severity of measures has been loosen but non fully withdrawn. I am writing you about my experience I gathered during the lockdown.

The lockdown has given us a new life and a new experience that we have not had before. The coronavirus has affected my life both positively and negatively. During the lockdown as I was stuck in the four walled apartment, I got the chance of experiencing the home, having healthy food, taking time out for myself, putting health first and spending quality time with family members. The crisis made me more grateful towards nature and humanity. The bad experiences I got from the pandemic are that education was getting delayed due to the closure of educational institutes. Uncertainty about all others was prevailing around us. One of elder brothers had been unemployed. Death news  from my relatives due to coronavirus came. So I got mixed experiences regarding it. Write me about your experience during this period.

No more now. Convey my regards to your parents and love your younger.

Yours ever

Sariful lslam 

Answered by Birds of the sky (1 Gold) Friday, 16 Oct 2020, 03:11 PM

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