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1 Ans How to prevent CoronaVirus - COVID-19?

Asked by Birds of the sky (1 Gold) Sunday, 22 Mar 2020, 11:43 PM at (Lifestyle Health)

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Ways to Prevent Corona Virus

Corona virus has spread all over the world including Bangladesh. Already many people have died. In a country as full of dense settlements as in our country, Corona is one of the more terrifying. Because most people in our country have to go out of the house every day to urge work. So there are certain ways you have to follow to avoid the corona virus.

Let's see what we can do to prevent the Corona virus! We have discussed the 5 best ways to prevent corona virus.

1. Wash hands frequently:

Before eating, after doing any work, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap or hand wash for at least 20 seconds before coming out. Because of the research it has been proved that the corona virus is wiped out by washing hands with soap or hand wash repeatedly. Especially after serving a sick person, if there is dirt in his hand, sneezing, coughing, returning from the toilet, touching or admiring the animal; Researchers have asked to wash their hands. There is no alternative to washing hands to avoid the corona virus.

2. Try to stay away:

Remember that disease is not a friend of anyone. The patient can be your friend but not the disease. So to avoid coronas, stay 3 feet away from any kind of cold, cough, fever, or sick person. This is because the coroner's feature is to quickly spread from one person to another. So stay away from those around you. Stay away from sick animals.

3. Do not hold your nose, mouth, eyes repeatedly:

How much work we do all day, how many things we catch with our hands. Again with that hand, I touch my eyes, face, nose, and unconsciousness of the mind. Corona can spread from this. So do not ever catch your face, eyes or nose with dirty or unclean hands to avoid the corona virus.

4. Follow the rules of coughing:

When coughing yourself, you must take a clean handkerchief or clean cloth. Follow the rules yourself and ask others to use a handkerchief before coughing. Cough, sneeze, handkerchief, cloth or tissue paper that you use at the time of giving, must be used immediately after use; Put it in the right place.

5. Always stay home:

The Corona research team forbids leaving the house without getting sick or not. Because if you go out there is the possibility of touching the victim. This way it is more than just spreading.

6. Be careful to prepare food to prevent coronary virus:

Cooked food must be kept away from raw foods when cooking or after cooking. The container that you put in the raw food will wash it well and use it for other purposes. Because raw fish, meat has the potential to contain the corona virus. So be careful. Always try to eat nutritious foods.

7. Be careful about traveling to avoid the Corona virus:

If you do not need it, do not go abroad. Do not go abroad, such as traveling, or visiting relatives. Keep in mind that there is a high incidence of coronary disease outside our country. Therefore, discourage all from entering Bangladesh from abroad and from Bangladesh to abroad.

8. Avoid public gatherings and events or receptions

Meetings, processions throughout the year in our country; Meeting rally lagai! So as long as the corona virus is not eradicated; Avoid all kinds of meetings that day in your own conflict.

9. If there is a problem, seek help from the volunteer:

If any illness occurs at this time, seek help from the nearest health worker. As soon as the symptoms of corona appear, take appropriate action with the help of a volunteer! If you or someone near you are exposed to a coronary virus infection; Contact the IEDCR number immediately!

10. Do not listen to rumors to avoid corona virus:

Although sad, it is true; Rumors spread in our country 3 times faster than the disease! So do not listen to any rumors! Such as cow dung; Cow urine; Thanked leaves; Garlic etc does not prevent corona virus! These are all lies and rumors! So instead of listening to the rumor, seek help from your Creator.

Answered by Birds of the sky (1 Gold) Sunday, 22 Mar 2020, 11:44 PM

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