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1 Ans How do allergies work?

Asked by Birds of the sky (1 Gold) Sunday, 22 Mar 2020, 11:49 PM at (Lifestyle Health)

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I had to research a case for allergic reactions once, so I learned a lot about them. Here's how they work:

To understand allergies, you have to understand the key players: antigens, antibodies, B Cellls, Mast Cells, and histomines.

An antigen is a molecule that exists outside of your body. An example is pollen.

An antibody, a B cell, a mast cell and histomines are all things that are present inside your body.

The antigen finds its way into your blood stream through a number of channels, but is also breathing heavily into it. You breath it in, enters your lungs, and your lungs deposit it in your blood (thats what the lungs are for - getting what you breath into your blood)

The antigen, once inside your blood stream will begin binding with the B-cell.

The B-Cell is a specific cell in your body. It has a ton of "receptors" all around it. Those receptors are just like the female side of a seatbelt. But they all have different shapes. If an antigen happens to fit the receptor's shape, the antigen will bind to the receptor. Upon binding, the B-Cell will begin producing "antibodies." Antibodies are free floating molecules that exactly match the shape of the receptor.

So now you have all these antibodies floating around in your blood stream. These antibodies bind to the mast cell. The mast cell, before the antibodies bound to it, was just a cell, nothing special. EXCEPT that it contains tons of histamines. But now, all these antibodies bind to the Mast Cell. And the mast cell becomes kind of like a B-cell. It now has its own "receptors".

So now, the next time an antigen enters your body, it just doesn't bind to the B cell, it ALSO binds to the mast cell. But here is the crazy part. When the antigent binds to the mast cell, the mast cell releases histamine. That histamine is what you associate with an allergic reaction. It causes running nose, closed airways, etc.

But this is the really really interesting part. Histamine in and of itself dont cause problems. There is a lot of reason to cause them a noticable effect. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE DONT DEVELOP ALLERGIES IMMEDIATELY When exposed to most antigens, it takes months or years to develop into an allergy.

To develop an allergy, in most cases, a person must be exposed to the antigen repeatedly. WHY? Because you have many, many antibodies that can bind to many, many mast cells. Its not until many mast cells are bound to an antigen, that a subsequent exposure to the antigen can cause a noticable effect.

As for your heat question, based on what I know, I think its really doubtful that one can be allergic to heat because there is no associated antigen.



Answered by Birds of the sky (1 Gold) Sunday, 22 Mar 2020, 11:51 PM

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1 Ans How do allergies work?

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